About Kelsey

portrait 5.JPG

I am inspired by arts ability to blend the spiritual with the natural world. My art seeks to connect Creator to the creation in a way that empowers the beauty of the female figure with the abstract environment of the spiritual. Each brushstroke creates fluidity in the epic battle of light and beauty overpowering the darkness. I build up each layer of paint through texture, line and shape. My women of strength battle through the abstract of light and darkness, on her voyage to find the missing key.

Kelsey was born in a rural Nebraska town but moved with her family to Scottsdale Az. Kelsey was born prematurely with a hole in her heart. Believing that everyone has a hole in their spiritual heart that needs to be filled. From early childhood art has created a window to express her vision of the world.  From early portraits to work motivated by her inner voice. Kelsey studied at Milan Art Institute to find her voice and style through classical training. 

Kelsey lets transparent brushstrokes flow on the canvas giving shape to the formless abstract. Kelsey layers lines of beauty eloquently placing the woman in glory on her journey through life. As the image starts to come alive through color and texture she adds expressive gold palette knife strokes which signify grace.

Kelsey’s studio in Scottsdale is a place of refuge, a place to express the spiritual journey of life. Kelsey hopes to inspire women of different ages and backgrounds to feel connected to her artwork. Inspiring and encouraging strength in their own journey to fill the void inside all of us.